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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Barcelona - Sevilla... I'll explain

It's the first running diary!

Or is it...

It's not - here's why. I rushed home from class just in time for kick. I check GolTV and see that the Juve-Empoli game is on at 3, which is what I expected. I moved my computer, set up shop, and at three o'clock, Barcelona Sevilla comes on. I can't watch it online either. I actually wrote out this part of the story and it's long, boring, and circular, so just trust me on that.

Will I give you anything at all then?
This is a perfect opportunity to watch Barcelona, a team that will surely appear in Carl Awesome's Power Rankings (coming soon). And I'm told by GolTV that the Juventus game will be on at 5. It won't be live, and I already know Juve scored - this happened while looking for the online stream. So instead of a running diary, you get two summaries of Barcelona (Sevilla won't be ignored) and Juventus (Empoli probably will be ignored).

[half time and lunch later]

We're just past the 60th minute and so far the game has been a real snoozer. Barca is without Messi, Eto'o, Ronaldinho and Deco. The defense: Puyol, Rafa Marquez (Mexico's stud), Abidal and Zambrotta, is all there. Other relevant starters are Titi Henry, Xavi, and Iniesta. Take a moment to catch your breath because I did indeed name 11 relevant players on Barcelona.

To be sure, allow me to name the relevant players on Sevilla: Adriano, Louis Fabiano (Brasilian stud), and Kone (Ivorian stud) A good argument would have me include Daniel Alves in there as well but a good argument could also have me leave out the slumping Adriano.

This match is the second leg of the round of 16 for the Copa del Rey tourny and the 1st leg ended 1-1 in Sevilla. If you didn't catch all that, basically Sevilla needs to win 1-0 to tie, and by any higher score to avoid PK's and advance.

Now entering the 80th minute I have noticed, in total, 3 scoring chances. Titi Henry had a counter attack shot nog (never on goal) and Sevilla had two freekicks that Beckham would have put in rather easily. I don't count "chances" as any plays ending in offsides because cheating and getting caught isn't an opportunity.

The 90th minute saw a humorous opportunity by Sevilla. The Sevilla player, from a free kick heading long, jumped and fully extended his arm, deflected the ball with his hand, and it hit the goalie in the face. All referees missed it so I guess that counts as a scoring opportunity. This was also the most exciting moment of this game. What a snore-fest. Final 0-0, Barca advances. I'm starting a new post to shed the boring energy drenching that match.

Juventus is next.

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