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Arsene Wenger cobbled together starting lineups with spit and duct tape and Denilson and somehow the team dragged its ass over the finish line in third or fourth.

Monday, February 25, 2008

In Case You Missed It

I can't adequately explain why I personally found the events of Real Madrid - Getafe to be so comical. But if you want some help recreating the humor:

  • Consider that Real ended up losing the game and in the midst of all the horrible outcomes this past week, something like this can always happen to your team
  • Know that Real Madrid felt foolish for allowing this to happen
  • Listen to it on mute the first time to better appreciate Robben's facial expression and Ruud's confusion.
  • You must think backflips are funny. Because the dude doing backflips with his boy celebrating with him is priceless. I included the screen shot so you know what I'm talking about.

  • When you listen to it for the second time with sound - obviously the Spanish announcer is hilarious. "Valio" in spanish means counted. So "no valio! no valio! no valio!" and then "ahora si valio" in spanish means, "it did not count"
    and "now it does count" (cue backflips).
Without any further adieu - here is the link*

I'm not responsible for this video being taken off of youtube in 2 hours from now, just so you know. Youtube sucks now, it's not my fault.


Jim said...

Truly a fitting capstone to one of the most ridiculous soccer weeks I can remember.

Thanks to Getafe's sneakiness, Barca are two points back. TWO POINTS!

Jimovani dos Santos said...


Ben said...


It's like not running out the dropped fly ball, or thinking the guy was down, then him scampering for another 80 yards for a touchdown. Except much, much, worse.

Juan del Piero said...

thats what i was i missing but trying to convey - that it was such a perfect end for the previous week. gracias jim

i didnt give props to the announcer who did a near flawless job with it all. Props.

Jake said...

Turin Derby right now on espn360, cornell finally getting this service can only further lead to the degradation of my productivity, this blog was clearly the beginning of the demise

some brief comments on the past few blogs and the weekend games, i missed most of the action traveling down to DC-land to spend 40 hours in a drunken stupor

(aside apparently trezeguet not in starting lineups, espn originally listed him in as they went to first commercial can hear announcer going "how do you get the lineups wrong?")

anyway, missing most of the action of the weekend, i don't really have anything new or interesting to add, i did see the roma-fiorentino game replayed, roma looked very fluid, perhaps they will have learned from last year and they're recent form combined with the poor recent form of madrid will allow them to take the champs league leg,
also looking ahead to next week and hoping kaka is still out for the match at the san siro -right now he's listed as 50/50, perhaps the fantasy world can have something like kaka misses champs league, returns to serie A action after milan bounced by a defiant gunners side.