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Arsene Wenger cobbled together starting lineups with spit and duct tape and Denilson and somehow the team dragged its ass over the finish line in third or fourth.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Same Old Arsenal

The Champions League is back and this time around there were fewer surprises.

Group E

Manchester United 3, Aab 0

So before, when I said that ManU was gonna get relegated, I was wrong. Turns out Cristiano is the heartbeat that moves around all the stale blood at United. It's not such an obvious impact all the time. I mean, when he does this, that's fairly blunt, but when he doesn't appear on the scoresheet, he always makes me think. It's just the feeling you get when an important player is missing.
Stats don't always tell the full story - i.e. when Sagna went down last year there was this abrupt sense of vunerability about Arsenal's back line. And not just because it was a back-up defender - it was suddenly you had never heard of those guys and it showed. Fast forward to the start of this season when United came out flat and lacked menance. Coincidentely, they turned both those things around instantly when Ronaldo came onto the pitch (to cheers - never any doubt) in that first CL tie.
If he's on the pitch, United is United, when he's not, there any other name-drop team.

One more thing and I'm off the Manchester Wagon. Berbatov scored two goals and didn't celebrate either. The first one, granted, was a rec-league gift and the second one was kind of a snoozer as well but hey Dimitar, since when are you bigger than the game? Go ahead and celebrate next time or everyone is gonna think you dont care. I've already put you on mercenary watch.

Villareal 1, Celtic 0

A win is a win. Villa has 4 points and essentially puts Celtic on the ropes for their tie against United. Me likes because Celtic has been known make for interesting games against ManU. I'll be watching.

Oh, and Senna apparently scored a beauty free-kick but I can't find the highlights and for some inexplicable reason, at half-time, Espn only shows goals for 1 of the 7 other ongoing games. Thanks Espn coverage.

Arsenal 4, Porto 0

Here's the thing. Arsenal always plays like this. When chances become goals, Arsenal is "turning on the style," but when they don't, Arsenal's pass first, shoot never strategy fails again. Sorry, but they play pretty much the same at all times. True, the Gunners seemed to have more energy today but it's hard to claim otherwise when the embarrass the Portuguese champs. Don't get me wrong, I loved the game. We looked great, and there is again no doubt that when everything clicks, Arsenal football is the most beautiful kind. Still, it's just getting hard to stomach performances like this followed by losses to the likes of Hull City (who by the way is a legit squad - they look comfortable staying around the premiership for awhile)

Anyway, all I really wanted to note is that Adebayor's dancing scares me. In a good way, but wow, it leaves me speechless.


goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

Juan Buffon said...
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Jim said...

Thanks goooooood girl! (I assume she's talking about Cristiano Ronaldo. It's certainly not referring to Arsenal's level of consistency.)

Jim said...

Also, what you've said about Arsenal is true and saves me the trouble of writing a long post about it. They want to pass until they can walk the ball into the net. They always try to do this. Simple as. And when it works, it's the most exhilarating sight in football. (I scream "brilliant!" or "that's a great ball!" a lot.) Very good teams get embarrassed by them. When it doesn't, I start tearing my hair out as they fail to score against mediocre teams. Depending on the above situation, the commentators call it "football from heaven" or "failure to take chances." It's the same thing, though. I suppose we always know what we'll get with Wengerball. (For me, that will eventually be a heart attack.)

Man, Vincenzo sure pulled your boys out of the fire the other day. Were you watching? I hear this kid Giovinco also made quite the impression. What's the deal with BATE? (We can talk about this later if you'd like.)

Juan Buffon said...

in case you're wondering

that comment deleted was me, except I was at work and realized the NIH doesnt like it when you comment on blogs from their internet connection

I basically said the same thing jim did

scandals - i know