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Thursday, January 15, 2009

If I Had a Million Dollars...

...per week, I would be Kaka in a Manchester City shirt. Apparently, that's how much they're prepared to pay him for his services. Milan, meanwhile, stand to get well over 200 million dollars (107 million pounds) if they consent.

There is absolutely no way any player is worth that much. No. Way. This is totally insane. And if I were AC Milan, I would take the money and laugh uproariously as I spent it retooling the entire midfield and defense. If they don't approve this deal, they're making a terrible mistake. Throw him out the door if you have to, just GET THAT MONEY!

Some might say that Kaka shouldn't leave for the money when he'd be leaving one of the most storied clubs in world football for a team struggling to avoid relegation in its domestic league. But then again, necklaces made out of the crystallized tears of 50 beautiful Brazilian virgins aren't cheap. GET MONEY!


Juan Buffon said...

tomorrow Notorious will be showing at a theater near you. hey, hey, ho ho-ho

and kaka should go, so should david villa and andrei, and then citeh should get relegated and the world will join in hearty laughter at the justice served

Juan Buffon said...

I really do hate that picture