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Arsene Wenger cobbled together starting lineups with spit and duct tape and Denilson and somehow the team dragged its ass over the finish line in third or fourth.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Credit Where It's Due

There are only two people that are currently saving Chelsea from complete embarrassment. One is Frank James Lampard, who fluctuates frequently between extremely underrated and only barely overrated. At the moment, I think he's a little below properly-rated. But that's another story. The other person keeping Chelsea from becoming a laughingstock is this man:

I was one of many who called for Anelka's head after Chelsea's Champions League dreams crumbled to dust last year. Mind you, this was not out of any particular affection for the team. Often, I can't decide whether I dislike Chelsea or United more (the former I find somewhat loathsome, while the latter hatred, to be perfectly candid, is probably born mostly out of jealousy and grudging respect). So that wasn't it at all. It simply offended my sensibilities to see someone play the game with absolutely no passion whatsoever. Also, Le Sulk was completely worthless for the first few months with the club. So I saw no reason why Chelsea shouldn't sell him (along with the petulant Drogba) and move on. Now, I see why.

He's been banging in the goals. And these are no longer, as Juan once so aptly put it, "garbage time smash" goals. He's actually finishing when it's needed. For instance, I watched with glee as Watford took a 1-0 lead over Chelsea. But then a corner and an overhead finish (!) from Anelka. And two minutes later, a precise header. And in injury time, a nice turn and shoot to put the result beyond doubt. Clinical. Damn. I hope Adebayor is taking notes from his hospital bed.

PS: Two other thoughts. One, Drogba may well have a revival of his own as the season winds down. But no matter what happens, no matter how good he looks, Chelsea need to sell him. And they should sell him high, too. This should have been done last year. Second, when Ballack missed a sure goal, Roman Abramovich was laughing uproariously. (I'm praying that it's on youtube soon.) I think it's a bad sign when the owner of the club is actually laughing at how crap you've been.


JuanShavin said...

Hey I grouped Malouda into the Kings of Garbage Time Smashes as well. And yes, as much as it pains me to strike Anelka off the list, you're right, he has been carrying whatever there is to carry on chelsea.

I kinda wish his girlfriend didnt have this air of prostitute surrounding her

Jake said...

i think the air of prostitute comes along with being french, nothing ya can do about it.

Typical Arsenal this morning. Ashame with the villa loss. but on the upside they're unbeaten in their last 12