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Monday, February 22, 2010

Dang Chelsea

These guys are just relentless with the skirt-chasing.

Also, Ashley Cole's wife kinda looks like a younger, English Eva Longoria. I know it's all about the thrill and danger of conquest and the whole "I am awesome and this woman throwing herself at me is tangible proof" mindset that really makes this happen (see Woods, Tiger and every famous and/or powerful man throughout the history of mankind). But if you just google "Cheryl Cole" or "Cheryl Tweedy," it's hard not to ask yourself what the hell Cashley was thinking.


Jim said...

Eh, this guy who commented on the ESPN story has a valid point:

Olefan12 (2/22/2010 at 10:34 AM)
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"why would a man with a wife as fine as cheryl fool around multiple times?"

Well, put it this way... What is your favourite meal? Let's say Prime Rib. Now imagine having Prime Rib every night, year after year. No matter how good that Prime Rib is, after a while you start to crave a greasy hamburger...or a Liverpool secretary.

JuanSuarez said...

Why is it that you almost never hear about a famous woman cheating? (I cant think of any but I wont assume never)

i bet terry and cole eiffel tower all the time