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Arsene Wenger cobbled together starting lineups with spit and duct tape and Denilson and somehow the team dragged its ass over the finish line in third or fourth.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Charles Goodly Update

In the most convoluted fashion, Our Founder, Carlos Bueno will "not continue" at Peñarol. Apparently the decision was brought to an 11 person board of directors at Peñarol and 10 voted no, while 1 voted yes. The team is currently looking for "European suitors" since Carl is on contract until December. This is when everyone who has ever enjoyed any moments of this blog should pray that he ends up in northeastern Spain or southwestern France so that I can stal-um-watch him at least once. Real Sociedad in particular would be great.

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JuanSuarez said...

It appears he will be joining the U - aka, La Universidad de Chile.