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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dear Gennaro Gattuso

Some questions after the brawl/match last night:

1) Are Milan that bad? Can someone who has actually been watching their games please inform me if last night was a total fluke or if they're really that blah (and it somehow works for them because the Serie A is just weak).

2) Who would win in a fight: Crouch or Gattuso?

3) Who would win in a fight: Joe Jordan or Gattuso?

4) Who would win in a fight: Gattuso or the ground?

5) Who would win in a fight: Flamini or Corluka's ankle?

6) Was last night's win over Milan the greatest achievement in the history of soccer? Are Tottenham now the best team in football? Does it matter that Arsenal went into the San Siro in 2008 and punk'd Pirlo, Kaka, and co. 2-0 when Milan had a substantially better squad and were the holders of the Champions League trophy? No, I'm not suggesting the press are overreacting. I'm just asking the questions.

And I look forward to getting some answers. Or at least some that aren't answered by the pictures in this article. Apparently, there's a really important match later today, but I can't remember what that is. Updates later.

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JuanFucile said...

I'm quite confident that Gattuso was on ephedrine last night. If Diego Maradona can run up to a camera and yell at it a little too enthusiastically and "clearly" be on drugs, then what was Gattuso on last night? Angel Dust? PCP?