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Arsene Wenger cobbled together starting lineups with spit and duct tape and Denilson and somehow the team dragged its ass over the finish line in third or fourth.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's about that time

Open me in a new window and listen to anticipation in it's pure audible form.



FC Porto at Schalke 04

A part of me doesn't want to keep mentioning that Quaresma is the best unknown player in the world for obvious reasons. I want to be so right about him that I'm willing to forfeit any "see I told you so" rights just for my own personal satisfaction. I just know that when he blows up I'm going to expend so much energy explaining to people that I knew it all along. But that's neither here nor there.

Porto has alot to represent here: Quare is on the big stage yet again, Portuguese Liga always has something to prove, and Schalke needs to be shamed out of the CL. Last year at about this time Q was playing with a lot of flair - too much in fact to be taken seriously. Similar complaints,, however (extra pause before and after however), were said of a certain Christ Ronaldo. Am I saying he's the next C. Ronaldo? I don't even know what that means - next question.

Porto 2, Shalke 0

Inter Milan at Liverpool

Thanks a lot Capello?? As if Pool needs any more pressure to win. I watched the Barnsley repeat last night and I can't wait to write about it.
Meanwhile, amidst the plethora of Liverpool, "This is why, that is why," stories it appears that El Nino got it right. Thanks Fernando. If 1 out of 10 Liverpool fans stop taking crazy pills because of this you will have done well. Why can't Pool fans be more like Cardinals fans and enjoy their five year get-out-of-heartbreak-free voucher while it lasts.

My prediction is Milan 3, Liverpool 1. I really do want Inter to get that monkey off it's back* and smother LiverSchiavo once and for all. It's time to Liverpool.

Real Madrid at Roma

Roma showed up at the party looking for that cutie they've been waiting to finally ask out and there she is doing body shots off of Real Madrid. After watching Juve's back line look good against their first team, Roma might be in for a Ruud awakening (Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week) (Cuts wrists).

Totti played uninspired against Juve and the whole team looked aloof. Totti needs to grow his hair out again and everything will be ok.

Real 1, Roma 0

Chelsea at Olympiacos

Chelsea hasn't had their big letdown yet this season... I'm not confident it will happen here, but I will say I thought so (with no proof) if Cos comes away with the upset. I am assuming Avram knows what he's doing resting Lampard and especially John Terry. Chelsea has been so blah this year it's hard to pass judgment. They struggled some, bounced back some, OK. I wish I had more to say but this is my wait and see game - mainly because I haven't seen much of Chelsea this year.

Chelsea 1, Olympiacos 1

In summary, Andy Williams was right - it's the most wonderful time of the year.

Enjoy the games.

*That is one of the top ten commercials of all time


Ben said...

I agree, Porto shall advance, as these Germans never get going. Besides, everyone knows Schalke sucks.

Liverpool needs this. Needless to say, they might play well at home, but will be eliminated in the away game.

Real cruises.

Chelsea ties away, wins at home 1-0. Boring.

Jake said...

Some comments on the matches for today... in order of most important to Ben

es liverpool looked pathetic as usual in the fa cup tie against barnsley bowing out 2-1, (i would of like to see them go out to havant and waterlooville when they went down ,,,twice, until the israeli super hero saved the day), outside of that the liverpool side is really just a mediocore team with no gerrard and torres, with their return and given that the match is at anfield, always rough in champs league, i wouldn't be surprised to see a liverpool victory 1-0 or 2-1. Besides who wants to jump on the evident suck inter's knob bandwagon

Roma v. Real
It should be noted that before the hilarious drubbing roma received at the merciless hands of the red devils last season they actually won their match at home...i think mancini will be the hero in this one Roma wins 2-1 (note i am basing this solely on my fantasy league picking of he better score)

Schalke vs. Porto
Alright alright, i get it, Q-ball is very very good, will that translate into an away win? i just don't think porto is a strong enough team..honestly would you rather have liverpool or chelsea in your group, marseilles or valencia, besiktas or rosenborg...granted porto did win the group but could only manage 1 point from the "real" (assuming liverpool is considered strong) side in the group the same as schalke took from chelsea, their defense also held chelsea in germany which is a much stronger attack then porto's even if it is a much, much, much, much more boring attack

clearly a boring tie, chelsea should ho hum, mail it in, quite possibly the way ben suggests draw away, one goal win at home, just fo the fantasy league aspect though, i think stoltidis will score and then drogba equalizes late, so they only need the 0-0 draw at stamford bridge to advance..
more exciting games tomorrow

Jimmanuel Adebayor said...

Jake, did you cheat?? Damn boy, you need to take those predictions to the bookies next time. I just hope you foresee an Arsenal victory tomorrow.

Juan del Piero said...

I'm officially on jake conspiracy watch

did he really just bang out all 4 games With. scores?


i smell a light saber

Juan del Piero said...

I'm officially on jake conspiracy watch

did he really just bang out all 4 games With. scores?


i smell a light saber