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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Arsenal - AC Milan Second Half Recap

- The announcers mentioned everything brilliant about Cesc's shot except for the fact that Adebayor and his defender provided a valuable screen. Kalac was caught off guard in several ways and Fabregas scored what could be his most memorable goal of his tenure at Arsenal. Beautiful. I look forward to watching it over and over again.

-I didn't even think it was in at first (that's what she said). I thought the ball was on the outside of the net until is trickled back towards the middle of the goal and Kalac looked upset. proceeded after that.

-No one is happier about that goal than Senderos who missed POINT BLANK. Inexcusable Philip.

-Rumors were flying that Milan were a bit fatigued coming into the match and after watching the last 30 minutes of the game I am starting to believe them. Pirlo looked a bit tired and fatigue could potentially explain why the Milanese came out with devastating and threatening soccer for the first 25 minutes but not much more after that.

-After the first half, Arsenal had the speed to match Kaka. Clichy, Flamini and Theo late, ran him down a few times. He looked confused at some instances that other mortals were successfully harassing him.

-Theo and Adebayor effectively slashed Milan's throat at the end of the game. Theo's run was tremendous and powerful and his pass even better. 90th or not, the fact that Adebayor scored is important. The man needed confidence - thanks Theo.

-Pato had a "disappointing" game claimed the commentators but I disagree. It was not a great game obviously, but I wasn't disappointed in his play.

-I stand by my Seedorf comment. He sucks.

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Ben said...

Congrats to ye Gunner fans. Enjoy it. It takes a lot to beat AC, let alone in the San Siro. Well done.