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Arsene Wenger cobbled together starting lineups with spit and duct tape and Denilson and somehow the team dragged its ass over the finish line in third or fourth.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Advantage Liverpool

A couple thoughts on yesterday's results:

It was a traditional smash and grab European result for the Reds, who will take a precious away goal back to Anfield. Benitez and co. will be pleased with their tactical success, but Arsenal certainly gave them a good scare in the second half and demonstrated that they're fully capable of creating chances (but not necessarily finishing them). Hleb should have had a penalty, Eboue should have put a better shot on target, and Bendtner shouldn't have bungled his way in front of Cesc's sure winner like a newborn giraffe, but "should have" won't get it done in a knockout competition like this. Both teams were ultimately deserving of their goals, the first coming on a beautifully organized set piece and the second being created by the bold determination of a certain Steven Gerrard. People are predicting doom and gloom for Arsenal, but I think this one is still to be decided; the gunners are very capable of scoring at Anfield, but how many will they concede? Could be a classic.

Just when it looked as though his team had turned the corner, Avram Grant may have to start making new plans for next season. It was a game of two halves; in the first, Chelsea enjoyed the majority of possession and were gifted an own goal by Deivid's surgical strike into his own net. In the second, however, the Turks shed their hesitance and confusion, and their trigger happy mentality paid off with two incredible strikes. ("Violent" was the word Juan used to describe them, and I won't disagree). Kazim's wonderful run to beat the offside trap allowed him to finish with a goal that would beat any keeper, but it was Deivid who stole the show, making up for his earlier error by smashing home a 30+ yard bullet. Like Arsenal, Chelsea were guilty of not making the best of their chances, firing over the bar and nailing the post with a few efforts. You can never rule out the Blues, especially when they've got an away goal in their pocket and play at Stamford Bridge, but if Fener keeps shooting like that, they'll have some big problems.


Ben said...

You gotta love the tenacity with which the turks played. That's certainly how to play Chelsea. Go at their throats.

As far as the Reds, they are in good position, but you're right, Arsenal can score. Liverpool, in my opinion, should not go for the goal-less draw, but rather for the win. That, conveniently, is also the type of football i want to watch...funny how that works.

It'll be very interesting. Will Liverpool lose on Saturday because their playing in the league, but then win in CL because it's Europe? Will either team throw something different to give each something extra to think about. Time for Game 2.

Jake said...

i did not know liverpool had relegated themselves to the bottom half of the table, clearly they stole a page out of wigan's book here,
one would think liverpool won't play for a goalless draw, but one would also think they wouldn't concede 3/4 of the possesion to arsenal in the last 40 minutes of the match
i'm pretty sure liverpool is a cat and the gunners shot down about 6 of their lives, this leaves 3 left for anfield and also confirms my theory that liverpool are a bunch of pussies.
i clearly could angrily rant for much longer, but it won't change anything, actually the outcome of this match won't change anything, apparently the champs league finals this year will be a home and away affair, between man u and barca in the semi-finals with the winner having their way with whomever they come across in moscow...eliot spitzer style.

Juan the Happy Juve Dog said...

bendtner bloked daball

mouthed wenger