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Arsene Wenger cobbled together starting lineups with spit and duct tape and Denilson and somehow the team dragged its ass over the finish line in third or fourth.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

England USA. Minutes 16-30

16' Rooney just barely missed Defoe on a through-ball. It hit some USA's heel.

17' The jerseys really do look green sometimes. And no, its not my TV. Cherundulo giveaway to Rooney, he splits him and another and gets fouled at midfield. England possess.

18' Cherundolo misplays a ball that Gerrard eventually finds. Becks at the top of the box rips a bouncing ball way over. USA long ball again. Goddamnt. Hargreaves eventually gets the kick and is fouled just past half.

19' Becks to take. Terry and Ferdinand forward. Onyewu saves the day. I tell you what, assume its David Beckham taking the freekicks for England unless I specify otherwise.

20' Wolff dispossessed. Back to James. The long ball sees Defoe who plays nicely a give and go. Defoe eventually cleats up to Bradley, foul on Defoe.

21' My favorite player Beasley runs up the sideline and Wes Brown kicks it off him.

22' Becks elbows Pearce in the head. Remember when I said Wolff cleared inexplicably, it was Pearce. Rooney WALKS around 2 defenders after a giveaway. Bocanegra mostly at fault. Rooney passes low to Gerrard in the box, it was behind him, his eventual shot is blocked. Phew

23' Ashley Cole pushing (theme?) and was fouled. Uruguay scores, holler. Beckhams freekick is like a corner but 10 meters closer. He picks out Gerrard on a set play. Gerrard was WIDE open and his curler heading top left was blocked. Gerrard seems upset.

24' Beasley fouled. His freekick is long. I'm confused as to why he took it. Terry's header clear is hit to Eddie Johnson and he chips too far again past the goal again.

25' Eddie and someone have a good give and go. Eddie passes it to James. He is seen yelling "F&^K!"

27' Wes Brown fouls Dempsey. He seems to disagree. Dead center of the field, 35 out. Beasley taking it again??? He hits the 2 man wall.

28' Cole streaking again (I just realize I don't have to specify which one, that's nice). Gerrard with some steam. Nothing results. Another Eddie Johnson siting on the counter. Also nothing results.

29' Terry giveaway looking for Becks. The US cross is untouched. Another US eventual cross from Pearce is deflected, goes to James.


Jim said...

You know what, I think those jerseys are black. Why is the United States playing in something that is not clearly red, white, and/or blue? Stupid.

Juan Suarez said...

couldn't agree more

The TV said "US- dark blue" so that's why I said that. They do black in that picture but less so on the television. Weird