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Arsene Wenger cobbled together starting lineups with spit and duct tape and Denilson and somehow the team dragged its ass over the finish line in third or fourth.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

England USA. Minutes 31-half

30' - Apparently my "tabs" aren't showing up, so I'm resorting to dashes. James' punt finds Rooney who is fouled.

31' - Onyewu and Defoe just outside the box from a long ball tussle. Good no call.

32' - Foul outside the box right side. Beasley to take again. I missed the memo apparently. He hits the first man again. Beasley is my favorite. Or rather, England's favourite. Hahaha, get it?

33' - From a deadball. Contested header falls to Rooney who plays through to Gerrard with speed. Gerrard passes/crosses to Defoe, he hits it just wide. Real scoring chance there. Our midfielders aren't really marking very much.

35' - Dempsey fouls Cole. Bad call. You know to take, he plays through to Lampard wide, except the Lamps wasn't running. He turns and throws his arms up a Beckham. Becks looks confused and Lamps is probably to blame.

37' - another foul. Brown is brought down. Becks to Terry who heads it beautifully down and past Howard. It was well placed and snapped down. Terry unmarked. Closest defenders were Dempsey, who is not a defender obviously, and Bocanegra, who is more likely to be at fault. It's hard to tell there though who is to blame on these plays because only the players in the box know who they took.

39' - fuck. Defoe cuts back Onyewu after a Cole pass and Iguch fouls him. Right outside the box, at the left half-circle. Not looking forward to this one. Hargreaves present. Becks touches to Gerrard who blasts the wall.

40' - England still possesses in our half. Hargreaves crushes it over.

41' - So does Defoe.

42' - Juan is no longer enjoying this game. He hates England. Right as he is typing that, John Arne Risse scores for Norway on a freekick. The wall jumped and he kicked it under. Juan is even more furious. Anyone but gingerballs and he wouldn't be so mad.

43' - Yellow card to Cherundolo who mauls Defoe. Beckham on the pass that threatened. Freekick again just outside the box. Beckham hits the wall.

44' - Hargreaves and Clarke talk shit to eachother. Owen signals that Clarke hit him in the chin. Clarke doesn't know what he's talking about. No call.

45' - One minute of stoppage time. Rooney slides really hard into Clarke from behind on a bouncing ball and gives everyone the "it's ok" hand up so that he doesn't get a card. Half


We'll see if I continue to do this. Uruguay finishes tied with Norway 2-2 and the US is down 1 nil to England, in case you only read this line.

The Nike Take it to the Next Level add comes on. That makes me smile for a moment in the midst of my general malcontent. Suarez is limping a little bit. Hopefully he's not too hurt. Yeah, I'm not gonna post unless something good happens - posting garbage news is awful.


Jim said...

Classic England. Beckham kick well-taken, Terry frees himself and makes no mistake. I'm pretty furious with the rate at which the US is fouling. Are we so unskilled that there's no other way to break up play in our end? Also, this ref is really trigger happy. Needs to chill.

Juan Suarez said...

I agree we are fouling too much. Especially since England will take it every time. It's part of England's game to take fouls anywhere near the box and its no wonder out of the 6 threatening ones they drew, they scored one.

Good teams don't foul david Beckham teams near the box.

Ben said...

I need the update! It's my only source of news, and way more informative than gamecast!

Juan Suarez said...

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